Medical Affairs

Renewing the basics

Literature review will always be an indispensable tool to provide scientific evidence for different campaigns or new content.

We renew ourselves to provide you with valuable information that starts with the research process and ends with the selection of key messages.

Messages that connect with your clients emotions

The ClaiM-M

Creation of Medical-Marketing claims for an efficient communication with different stakeholders.

ClaiM-Ms applied to any material
you wish to develop.

Digital patient journey

Digital experience through a neurodesigned online survey that seeks and identifies relevant qualitative and quantitative information by simulating the patient’s journey through a pathology and obtains meaningful insights according to your objective.

Delphi Consensus

Coordination and creation of a scientific paper that recollects the recommendations of KOL regarding a pathology and/or its treatment by reducing the bias of the strongest
voice in order to be published in scientific journals.


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